Symphonic Saturdays

Elsewhere, Saturday evenings translate into binge drinking and gormandising, ear-splitting music and truck-loads of craziness.

However, in most parts of South Goa, Saturday evenings have a tryst with soul soothing symphony. A strummed breeze and a tenor sax accompanied by brilliant drum beats confirm your arrival to a blissful Jazz gathering.

While the EDM is still to cross the mighty Zuari, South Goa continues to revel in its Jazz evenings.

Goans have always been pioneers in promoting, improvising and localising Jazz. Musical stalwarts like the Late Anthony Gonsalves, a musical prodigy from South Goa, not only infused Western musical influences with Indian Classical music but also laid the foundation for ‘Indo-Jazz’, the Indian-influenced form of Jazz. There are several great Goan musicians to add to this list who choose to practice and improvise the musical genre more out of love and passion than widespread fame.

Bands like ‘Jazz Kurry’, “a bunch of friends from diverse backgrounds hailing from Margao,” as defined by their drummer and senior band member, Francisco Pereira, often meet to create and improvise their music in informal gatherings of friends and family, and rarely play in formal settings – save for the mesmerizing South Goan Saturday evenings!

Jazz Kurry can be found playing soulful Jazz only on Saturday evenings at Nazaré Beach Front Restaurant and Bar at ‘Beleza by the beach’ in Betalbatim. The band doesn’t play anywhere else.


Jazz Kurry playing  at Nazaré Beach Front Restaurant and Bar at ‘Beleza by the beach’

“It is a real treat to relish captivating Jazz numbers along with sumptuous food and some great cocktails at this (Nazaré) magnificent beach front restaurant. The incessant crashing of the waves punctuated with merry conversations and heavenly music floating in the air – Saturday evenings at destinations like Nazaré is sure to be treasured,” says Fiona, a regular at Nazaré Beach Front Restaurant and Bar.

An amazing ensemble with band members coming from truly diverse backgrounds, Jazz Kurry is a great example of how South Goa keeps Jazz alive and stringing in its heart.

The band’s lead vocalist, Florence Fernandes, will leave you stumped with her amazing vocal variety and melodious voice. The French Teacher at Loyola High School, Margao, wears a humble unassuming demeanour, until she captivates her listeners with her powerful singing – a surreal experience not to be missed!

At the keyboard you will find Francis Fernandes, a Civil Engineer and businessman, elevating your mood as he traverses between nimble to brassy to mellow and bright in accordance with the song.

Horticulturist and farm owner, Gillu da Costa, helms the bass and sets the rhythm for an awesome musical transition – while enjoying every bit of it!

San Fernandes creates pure magic and a surreal ambience with his great Saxophone skills. He is a well-respected music teacher at Pilar Music Academy at Margao.

Froebel Fernandes, an engineer, plays the lead guitar and loves to take his audience to various keys of happiness with his amazing guitar skills.

At the drums, Francisco Pereira sets the tempo as he lends the right beats to every song. Francisco is a Graphic Designer and runs his own advertising firm, ‘Design People’. A Fine Arts graduate, Francisco also creates breathtaking paintings.

Revelling in its antiquity and continually enriched by various styles, Saturday nights are the best time to enjoy the exquisite and unique South Goan Jazz.

So, which Jazz gathering will you head for this Saturday evening?





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